05 October 2013

Shysters and Quacks

For many years I always thought lawyers (generally speaking) were the most unethical of all the professions, but have come to realise that I was wrong. No, its not the shysters and the ambulance chasers. It's the doctors. The quacks and the pharmaceutical companies they rely on. Oncologists in particular.

Before I get into it, let me first begin by saying this post is not an attempt to vilify the medical team who treated my late father. Neither am I seeking vengeance or trying to assign blame on anyone. On the contrary, I am very grateful for them, the support of friends, family and even strangers during these last two very difficult months. So let me explain why I now find myself thinking this way.

Modern medicine, as we know it today, has made some remarkable strides with the advances in technology. We can isolate strands of dna, we can clone, we can do biopsies and can isolate and pinpoint the most microscopic viruses and bacteria. There are a number of diseases that are now curable that were not in the past. What was once considered something that everyone would have to deal with, but now they do not. One such example would be the chicken pox vaccine. It was once considered you had to get to develop an immunity, and now you can get a shot and avoid it altogether. Other examples are diphtheria, TB and malaria that were once untreatable, but are now curable. Doctors can now days cure most anything. But they don't or they would rather not. And here I am going to use cancer as an example because this is what I have been dealing with in my fathers last days. 

Cancer, I believe, is a curable disease. I believe its treatment is extremely cost effective and simple. And I believe this cure is being supressed by the big pharmaceutical companies. The reason is the same as why big oil does not want us to drive cars that use an alternative to fossil fuels. Money. Cancer treatment is about making money. It is a 120 billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone, and estimated to be a 600 billion dollar a year industry worldwide.

The system is set up in such a way so as not to cure the patient but rather to prolong life and the reason for this is so they can milk you for every cent they can. With each treatment phase, the patients health deteriorates further and he or she becomes increasingly desperate. This makes them vulnerable to being exploited and in their desperation they and their grieving families will turn to almost anything. Do the research and you will find any damn fool jumping on the band wagon offering "miracle cures" ranging from powdered gold to rat poison. What they are selling is as useless and ineffective as snake oils and love potions. It is deceitful quackery!

Now with conventional treatment, first there is the big operation. The doctors cut you open and remove the tumour as best they can. They tell the patient it was a very successful operation and they got it all. This will get your hopes up. But when you go for your follow up, they tell you it is still there. So begins a regime of chemotherapy or radiation treatment. This knocks you right down. But you survive and start dealing with it. Then there are complications. Blood pressure too high. Blood pressure to low. Blood clotting. Thrombosis. Liquid on lungs. Constipation. Pain. Fever. With each of these you are required to take a different set of pills and each set of pills causes another complication. So you end up taking pills and syrups and God knows what, the one to counteract the effects of the other. It becomes a viscious cycle. The more pills you take, the more complications you suffer. At the end of it you become so emaciated and ravaged it is difficult to recognise yourself in the mirror. 

Now you get the picture, let us take a look at a scary statistic. Each year over 1000 oncologists (cancer doctors) are diagnosed with cancer. Less than 10% choose to undergo the treatment they prescribe! Why? Why the hell would they prescribe something if they would not take it themselves? Why would they sell a product if they do not believe in its worth? Because they are unethical charlatans and what they are busy with is emotional blackmail and fraud. 

Anyway, for anyone who has cancer or knows someone who does all I can say is be strong. I know what you are going through. It is a terrible, horrible and cruel thing. You are going to be in for one hell of a ride. Prepare yourself, get all your affairs in order. If you need any advice, please feel free to contact me. I will be able to recommend what foods work, what doesn't. Simple things that at the time seem so mundane but when you are in it you don't know what the hell to do. 

And to my father... I wish you didn't have to go through such agony and suffering. I wish I could have ended it. I will miss you more than words can explain, but I am very relieved for your sake that it is over. May your soul rest in peace. God bless. 

21 July 2013

The Face of Fur

I'll be straight.

The fur industry is the most barbaric, cruel, savage and inquitous industry on earth. Anyone who wears fur should be jailed for animal cruelty and shunned from society. 

18 June 2013

"Welcome to my parlour!" said the spider to the fly.: The cry of the innocent - A public service announcement on Namibia seal slaugter

"Welcome to my parlour!" said the spider to the fly.: The cry of the innocent - A public service announcement on Namibia seal slaugter

The cry of the innocent - A public service announcement on Namibia seal slaugter

From award winning performance artist Louise du Toit, in conjunction with The Seals Of Nam comes a spine chilling public service announcement regarding the cruel and brutal seal slaughter that takes place each year in Namibia.

Hi, my name is Louise du Toit, musician and recording artist speaking out on behalf of The Seals Of Nam, a small yet dedicated organization fighting to end one of the most iniquitous, reprehensible acts of mass cruelty on earth, the annual Namibian seal slaughter.

Anyone who knows me will also know I am an animal lover at heart and I cannot abide cruelty in its many forms. I am truly saddened that in this modern day and age the leaders and decision makers of Namibia have chosen to ignore science, economics and the international voice of reason regarding their wonderful seals and have instead decided to continue with one of the largest slaughters of marine mammals on earth and the largest slaughter of wildlife in Africa.

Each year, over a period of 139 days, a quota of 80 000 pups are set to be slaughtered for their fur. This takes place at two main locations namely Cape Cross and Wolf/Atlas Bay’s. At the crack of dawn, men armed with pick handles will invade the beaches, disturb the entire breeding colony, forcibly separate the pups from their mothers and violently beat as many of these animals to death as they can before 9am. Video evidence confirms that after having being clubbed, many pups are still alive and conscious when they are then stabbed in the throat to bleed out. As the seals stampede towards the safety of the sea, heavy bulls crush any young pups that get in their way. Pregnant females become so distraught they regularly self abort while the unweaned pups, who are still dependent on the teat, will vomit up their mothers milk in fear.

The pups are beaten to death rather than shot as a bullet costs money and the hole it creates reduces the value of the pelt. From 9am to 10am the beaches are cleaned up of any blood so as to hide this disgrace from unsuspecting paying tourists who arrive from 10am onwards to view what remains of a once majestic seal colony. The bitter irony of this situation is that Cape Cross is a designated seal reserve, an area where the seals ought to be protected.

A further quota of 6 000 adult bulls is set. Because their skulls are too thick to be crushed with a pick handle, these animals are instead shot in the face from a point blank range. Their fur is too coarse to be used by the fashion industry. They are slaughtered so that their penises can be exported to the East where they are then made into ineffective sex potions, thus fueling an illegal trade in animal body parts for fake medicines.

Seal genitals
In a desperate, last ditch attempt to end this horrific carnage, and after having exhausted all other appropriate channels (including pleading with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, The Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, The Namibian SPCA and the Directorate of Environmental Affairs) The Seals of Nam finally met with the Namibian ombudsman in September of 2011. 

Quoting from Namibian legislation, it was pointed out to government that they are violating their own law. The Namibian Animal Protection Act clearly states that is an offence to “ill-treat, neglect, infuriate, torture or maim or cruelly beat, kick, goad or terrify any animal.”

In July of 2012 and through a bizarre twist that defies any sense of logic, the Namibian Ombudsman Adv John Walters ruled that a seal is NOT an animal and is thus excluded from any benefits afforded by the Animal Protection Act of 1962. 

This to me is so utterly ridiculous, so morally wrong that I ask you to join me and several other leading South African personalities, including Miss SA 2010  in supporting The Seals of Nam’s campaign calling for a consumer boycott of sport, produce and tourism against Namibia until such stage as the annual seal massacre is permanently ended. 

I also call upon the Namibian government to rise to the challenge in developing more economically rewarding eco-tourism around their seal colony. I believe this will be a positive move, in line with international sentiment and, once developed, will be a brand the people of Namibia can be truly proud of as opposed to the current situation where the slaughter is nothing but a national disgrace. 

For more information visit The Seals Of Nam 

The Cry of the Innocent, public service announcement

Facebook game requests

Of the many pet hates I have, Facebook games are right up there. I do not see the point in wasting time on such frivolous activities as sending pictures of tractors and clicking little blocks to harvest cyber vegetables. I find these games to be absolutely pathetic and there is more to life than making birds angry.

If I want to play computer games, I would rather invest in a decent game that tests skill and imagination. War Craft or something similar.

So I made this pic to send to the next person who sends me a sheep.